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We enhance the Atlassian platform with amazing add-ons that help you leverage data and smoothen end-user experience.


Proven methodologies

Not only are we a truly Agile dev team dedicated to building and shipping great add-ons for JIRA and Confluence, we also have a team of leading Atlassian Experts around us. This means we get to implement and use the products as customers day in, day out.

What's more, as Atlassian Experts we use JIRA and Confluence to plan our roadmaps, define our sprints and ship our products.


Unparalleled experience

We're proud to have been Atlassian Software vendors since the very beginning. Over the course of this journey we've been lucky enough to build four fantastic add-ons – one of which was bought by Atlassian and became the foundation of JIRA Service Desk.

We've also sold over 2,650 Atlassian licences to customers round the globe.


Dedicated support

We love customer feedback, as it allows us to fine-tune our products to better match your needs.

Our support teams are based in Canada and France, so whenever you raise a bug, a feature request or idea, you can be sure your request will be answered promptly.

Extending JIRA and Confluence capabilities at 1200+ companies worldwide

Airbus, Apple, BBC, Bell, BMW, Cisco, Disney, Ingenico, Nike, Nokia, Oracle, UBS, Walmart, Zalando Airbus, Apple, BBC, Bell, BMW, Cisco, Disney, Ingenico, Nike, Nokia, Oracle, UBS, Walmart, Zalando

Meet our add-ons


The universal data connector for JIRA

nFeed video
Michael K.
“We have found nFeed to be extraordinarily useful in multiple use cases. We use it with JIRA Service Desk to get the reporter's phone number, location, department and manager, which helps drive down queues and SLAs. I would highly recommend nFeed to enhance user productivity and the richness of the data on your JIRA issues.” Michael K. | HomeAway


The dynamic tables editor for Confluence

Spreadsheets Banner
Emmanuel B.
“Well integrated tables, lighter than MS Excel, helpful.... what else?” Emmanuel B. | CEA


Issue linking and field sync for JIRA

Exocet Banner
Frédéric P.
“We use Exocet on all our JIRA server instances, and it's a must have add-on. Thanks to Exocet, we can link issues easily with the configurable button, copy data from an issue to another and offer our customers a synthetic view of the linked issues.” Frédéric P. | SNCF

An extraordinary team

We are part of Valiantys, a leading Atlassian Expert worldwide.

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We love Agile methodologies

We are Agile and customer-centric by definition, always seeking to improve ourselves and our products.

Our roadmaps are built on ideas collected from our users and Valiantys' expert consultants, and focus on feature-rich product evolution . If you like add-ons that evolve continuously, you're in the right place: we ship new versions of our software each and every month.

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